About Floorfilms.com

Hello, welcome to Floorfilms.com, I’m Jannette Memmo, Operations Officer for this site.

I am a mother of three children and I own a floor protection film store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Due to the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, my store was losing revenue from selling floor coverings, making my family’s life more and more difficult. My neighbors suggested that I could sell online, which would allow me to have more customers and sell more floor coverings to improve my family’s condition and give my children a secure life. With this in mind, I created floorfilms.com.

Why choose our products?

Our lightweight floor protection film is a great choice for hanging on the wall to protect walls, bookshelves, cabinets and windows. It can also be used to seal rooms and create a barrier during repairs or remediation.

Our floor protection film has an adhesive on one side that adheres the film to the floor. This prevents movement and slippage after installation, making your workspace safer and easier to use.

It’s like the elasticity of the protective film. The elastic material means it’s more puncture resistant and less likely to tear or damage the floor or items during use.

Our Service

At Floorfilms.com, we offer efficient shipping services.

1. Our delivery time is within 11 business days.

2. Our Floor Protection Film products are uniformly packed in waterproof cartons.

For more information, please check the Shipping &Delivery page.